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Barefoot in Athens

Man covered in cardboard boxes - moving concept

This is Thursday, May 15th…173 days until the 2008 Presidential Election, as Keith Olbermann might say. I have officially been living in Athens, Georgia for one week.

A lot has happened since I last tackled a post here on the ol’ blog, and as such I regret letting the grass grow up to your kneecaps. Not only have I been engaged in several OTR-related writing projects, but I’ve spent much time packing boxes with the remaining amount of crap that I simply can’t seem to give away, and even more precious moments battling a cold that I brought back to Savannah when the ‘rents and I went up to Athens April 11-15 for a family outing.

It was during that time frame that Dad, Mom and I stumbled onto the princely palace from whence I write this humble blog post. It’s not particularly fancy (then again, I’m not a fancy guy) but the price is right for a two bedroom, one bath duplex that’s less than ten minutes away from sister Kat’s. (In fact, it was sister Kat who remarked upon seeing the place: “This isn’t an apartment, it’s a small house.”) It’s roughly 1,000 square feet, lots of closet space (the hall leading to the bedrooms and bath is large enough to accommodate several shelves of DVDs), close to the main bus line and best of all, I got a discount on the rent for signing a one-year lease. (Now all I have to do is find a job that will pay for this estate, and everything will be cherry.)

locosI haven’t had an opportunity to go out and explore much of Athens yet—I had to stick close to the house earlier this week waiting for a new lock to be placed on my mailbox (and even then, I had to stop by the rental office to jog a few memories), plus I’ve been trying to make a good deal of progress on unpacking everything from the boxes (when I switched apartments during my exile in Morgantown, WV there were several boxes that never got unpacked). This past Saturday, sister Kat and her roommate Katie showed me the opulence that is J & J’s Flea Market (where my father will be spending many a weekend once he and Mumsy sell the house in Savannah and make the trek up here); we then lunched at famed Athens eatery Loco’s (there’s a Loco’s in Savannah, too…but I don’t think we ever ate there) and had some bodacious hot wings and a waitress who tried to talk us into a big honkin’ chocolate-laced desert. (It was called “Mount Chocsuvius,” and though I told “Sara” we would not be climbing it she was rather persistent.) A trip to Target (pronounced TAR-ZHAY) afterward yielded some sporty Mountain Dew drinking glasses, a case of bottled water and 4 cases of Fresca (on sale for $11).

bewitched6In the meantime, I still have some projects to complete—but a couple of people (their names, interestingly enough, rhyme with “jam”) have been pressing me to put something up here to let individuals know that I did not drop off the face of the Earth (as enticing a prospect to my enemies that may be). I do want to give a shout out to longtime TDOY reader Mike, who was concerned enough to drop me an e-mail, and Dennis at the Digital Deli Online, who had both heady words of praise for the blog (both this and the Salon versions) and corrected link info for his own truly awesome site. (And for the individual kind enough to send me the Bewitched: The Complete Sixth Season DVD box set as a housewarming gift…many, many thanks.)

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