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The day the chasing stopped

Someone posted a notice over at the In the Balcony bulletin boards that actor Barry Morse has passed away. He was 89. Growing up, I was more familiar with Morse’s role as Professor Victor Bergman on the syndicated sci-fi series Space: 1999, a show that also starred former Mission: Impossible players Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. Space developed a huge cult following at… Continue reading The day the chasing stopped

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Tom Collins and Monte Kennedy…no, wait…that’s not right…

While opening boxes upon boxes of the movie books that made up close to 85% of the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear library two weekends ago, I stumbled across my dog-eared copy of Movie Comedy Teams, originally published in 1970 and revised four years later (and again in 1985). Venerable film historian Leonard Maltin penned this invaluable film comedy… Continue reading Tom Collins and Monte Kennedy…no, wait…that’s not right…


“She looked at me as if I were a bug.”

Once again, Edward Copeland has done the blogosphere a tremendous service by asking over 120 film bloggers and buffs their picks for the Best Best Actor winners…including yours truly, for which I am justly humbled. I also didn’t do too shabby in the final outcome—I picked four out of the Top Eleven, with three in… Continue reading “She looked at me as if I were a bug.”

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“Hey, I love a Holocaust comedy as much as the next gal…” – Susan Merrill

Edward Copeland has the “winners” up in his Worst of the Best Actors competition, and if you’re an Oscar maven you owe it to yourself to go and check it out. (I don’t qualify as a maven; in fact, I think I’m helping with the Bingo tournament at the Golden Age Center that night.) Ed takes a… Continue reading “Hey, I love a Holocaust comedy as much as the next gal…” – Susan Merrill

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It’s that time again…

…you can smell it in the air, can’t you? No, I’m not talking about politics (and besides, it’s kinda hard to distinguish that scent from the dairy farm down the road) since I did that already. It’s the annual Academy Awards ceremony—a do that technically celebrates excellence in film but what essentially boils down to… Continue reading It’s that time again…


The legend of the West

This one almost slipped past me: announces that The New Maverick, a 1978 TV-movie that served as the pilot for a short-lived western on CBS entitled Young Maverick (1979-80), is coming to DVD May 20th courtesy of Warner Home Video. (Why Warner is releasing this and not the old Maverick is a question that still goes unanswered.) The movie, which did extremely well ratings-wise… Continue reading The legend of the West